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Some agents will be very happy to accept your property listing, punch it into a computer, hope it gets syndicated, and then rely on 3rd party buyers' agents to go out and find the buyer. Very often the 3rd party agent who finds a buyer is me, Bob Brennaman, Jr.

I actively market properties in this area, spending hundreds of dollars a day on Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, and a variety of other outlets. I operate advanced market research and lead acquisition tools that allow me to correctly and separately handle the various different buyers out there, from in-town upgraders, to second home buyers. I target them differently, and handle them differently in a manner that allows me to bring in far more qualified leads than my competitors, and achieving a higher marketing return on investment.

The Brennaman Group is at the Bleeding Edge of Real Estate Marketing

I don't even use many 3rd party CRM and marketing tools anymore, having used a variety of common support tools and systems including SalesForce®. I partnered with a close friend and programmer with start up experience in Silicon Valley in creating a new system, KRONTACT™ for real estate agents which I intend to take nationwide to other firms outside my own market area. This means when I need a feature, I'm in a direct position to implement it, keeping The Brennaman Group at the bleeding edge of innovation - exactly what you need to sell your house.

I have a network of 20+ area websites focused on specific niches, again further insuring that my leads receive focused, targeted property information. Depending on the demographic of the lead, I bring them to different lead capture websites and pages.

Of course my sites display other brokerages listings, sorted initially by time on market, with newest first. Thus only brand new 3rd party listings receive good exposure, and then drop rapidly down. On the other hand my own listings always get featured.

Professional Home and Neighborhood Videos Sell Your Home

I continually produce professional HD videos with a local production company highlighting neighborhoods, various area amenities and lifestyles. We also produce dedicated HD videos for valuble homes such as yours. On YouTube alone, over 100,000 people have viewed these videos (as of 10/12). Videos are an extremely important tool in establishing a rapport with a potential buyer, and in the case of an out of state buyer it often means the difference between them flying to Florida to buy a house rather than me picking them up at Charleston airport for a weekend of showings. For out of state buyers the videos are a must to get the business.

There are two types of Real Estate Agents

Agents who primarily act as a gateway to getting your listing syndicated - Reactive.

Agents who are the rainmakers, actively seeking out new buyers locally and beyond - Proactive.

Through my aggressive new media advertising, the very high number of qualified viewers I recieve, and my advanced lead acquisition and management systems - I deliver the eyeballs.

At the end of the day, the more eyeballs on your listing, the higher it will close for, and the sooner it will sell. Call me at (843) 345-6074.


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