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One of the many reason Bob enjoys being a Realtor® is the opportunity it gives him to spend flexible hours with his young family. Bob and his wife Becky are the parents of three kids. Their daughter Grace is in middle school and they have twin sons Noah and Zach

Bob says, "There are many days that I have to work late or even the weekends, but I have been fortunate that even with a busy real estate career, I am able to slow-down and enjoy one of the most important things in my life - my family."


Bob's commitment to the community he works in goes well beyond real estate. For many years, Bob has invested his time and talents in mentoring and coaching middle-school age boys.

He has worked with boys at his church as a basketball coach and small group leader. Bob says, "one of my greatest joys in life, as an adult, have been centered around being a coach and mentor."


Bob is an entrepreneur at heart and being a Realtor® has allowed him to set the bar very high for his personal success.

Bob ranks in the top 3% of Realtors® in the Charleston area.

He is extremely competitive in business and enjoys seeing if he can out serve his competition.

Bob says, "I believe customer service is a lost art, in many professions. When I work with clients I get a lot of personal satisfaction out of exceeding their expectations."

When some one calls or emails him he is always quick to follow-up, even if he doesn't have an immediate answer. He has an unwritten rule that all client communication be done in 12-24 hours.

Some of his strongest attributes are his commitment to service and his marketing expertise. There are few Realtors® in Charleston that understand the media as well as Bob does or will go the "extra-mile" to ensure client satisfaction.


Bob's educational pursuits brought him to Charleston as a college student in the spring of 1992. He earned a degree in Media Communications from College of Charleston. During his time in college Bob was fortunate to work in the media. He spent time working in the Sports Information Department at College of Charleston. He also enjoyed working on a part-time basis for ESPN, Fox Sports and the Madison Square Gardens Network.

He was an Internet pioneer, having experienced first-hand, the "DotCom" craze of the late 90's, while founding and running During those days Bob was able to gather the marketing and technological skills that serve his clients so well today. Bob says, "I feel very fortunate to be able to use my passion for marketing and customer service alongside my love for the Charleston area." With over 80% of home buyers going on-line to start their search, leveraging Bob's expertise to help you sell or buy a home makes great sense.


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